Are you tired of the old hose sprayer that you have to fill with a bucket? A 2-gallon sprayer is a perfect solution if you are looking for an upgrade. A 2-gallon sprayer is ideal for general purpose spraying when working around your home or in your gardens.

Roundup 190260 Garden Sprayer

roundup 2 gallon sprayer hose and nozzle

2-gallon Multi-purpose Sprayer

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 10 inches
  • Highly rated, well-priced product
  • 15u0022 inch poly wand
  • High-performance foaming nozzle
  • 1-Step Assembly

Main Features of Roundup Backpack Sprayer

Efficient Pump

The pump is lightweight and has a very nice design. It’s also fairly compact, which makes it easy to carry around. The pump handle does make a strange noise when pumped. Fortunately, this is an indication of a good fit and not an issue. There are no leaks from the sprayer at all—a great garden sprayer for watering your lawn. 

This sprayer pump assembly is constructed to fit 2-gallon sprayer tanks. It is a simple design, consisting of a 4″ diameter internal filter with a check valve and an in-tank non-clogging venturi.

Roundup Sprayer Nozzle

You can try both of the nozzles at various solid stream strengths. I found the cone-shaped poly adjustable
nozzle is sufficient for any fine mist and the aluminum wand with comfort grip is good for more intense bursts. This roundup weed sprayer model comes with a wide variety of spray nozzles ranging from wonderful mist to larger bursts and sprays.

Perfect for weed control projects

What’s the best way to dilute weed killers? From the outside, this model looks like a standard gallon-sized sprayer with weed killer. But it’s actually a gadget that lets you add your own water for a customized mixture that suits your preference and works even better. You can spray the product both for weeds and weed control projects. You will love this roundup backpack sprayer.

Continuous Spraying

The 1-gallon and 2-gallon markings on the roundup tank sprayer container should be highlighted for efficient spraying measurement. The product delivery is quick and very easy to use. The user manual is pretty clear, and a few pumps will give you enough pressure to do your job efficiently. The best part about this product is that it comes in a compressed container, with an efficient container that works as designed. 

5-star Rating Model

Roundup has always been the leader in herbicide and pesticide product performance. This basic multi-purpose trigger sprayer has nicer features like liquid control technology. This roundup garden sprayer is uniquely designed to deliver you all the performance of Roundup Concentrate plus all the convenience of a multi-purpose trigger sprayer.

Long-lasting Sprayer Hose

This 2-gallon roundup sprayer hose is strongly made and will last long at all. Though it does hold up well in cold weather, If you plan to use this for spraying, it is best to wait until the weather gets warmer. When the spray stops working, you need to disassemble the spray hose. Then, clean it thoroughly and retighten each connector to the tank before using it again.

The Roundup hose is longer than I expected. It felt well-built and durable, but the plastic hose is not nearly as flexible as the metal hose or hose that came with my lawn mower and may take a bit of time to get completely straightened out after rough handling during shipping.

Refilling Process: How to refill roundup sprayer?

When refilling your compression sprayer, simply unscrew the cap to release the pressure. Then, the pressure valve will open automatically to prevent accidental spray. The sprayer also comes with a no-spill semi-translucent funnel top tank with an easily visible liquid level and a comfort-grip pump handle for easy operation. A one-gallon tank is a much eligible item than a 2-gallon tank.

This polyethylene plastic tank sprayer lasts for hundreds of spray sessions, and its affordable price is great compared to other types of sprayers.


  • It provides 3 spray patterns
  • Easy one-step assembly
  • Only take 5-8 day shipping time
  • This model has a safe and pressure release cap
  • Perfect handheld sprayer for beginners
  • It provides a lock-on feature to decrease hand exhaustion
  • This garden pump sprayer is easy to clean 
  • The continuous spray is like a breeze 
  • Great  functional sprayer for small garden
  • Five-year limited warranty


  • This model has an air pressure leakage issue
  • You can’t use any harsh chemicals 
  • The garden sprayer repair kit is poorly designed
  • Not a great manual pump sprayer
  • It doesn’t come with padded shoulder straps
  • This model don’t have dual filter system

Roundup Sprayer Parts

Roundup Sprayer Parts

Some more information about Roundup Backpack Sprayer Parts

Some more information about Roundup Backpack Sprayer Parts

Roundup 2 Gallon Sprayer Instructions

Roundup 2 Gallon Sprayer Instructions

Roundup 2 gallon Sprayer Parts Diagram

Roundup Pump Sprayer not working

Roundup Sprayer Wand not Working

Roundup Sprayer Wand not Working

Why is my roundup 2 gallon sprayer not working?

To re-prime, the sprayer put a little back into the tank then let the trigger work itself for about 30 seconds. To maximize the likelihood of a successful nozzle-cleaning, avoid cleaning agents such as soap and water.

How to open roundup sprayer for refill?

Turn the pump handle to its highest speed and firmly press down on the handle to lock the lid into place. Push the handle clockwise until it is fully engaged and lock into place so that it cannot be unscrewed. The most difficult part about this step is usually finding a spot that doesn’t scratch the paint when you do it.

How to use roundup sprayer?

Press the pump handle 25-30 times to pressurize the bottle. Bring it to full pressure once the fluid level reaches a half-full mark. After the bottle is pressurized, hold the pump down and turn it counterclockwise to secure.

What is the best time to spray roundup?

How to unclog roundup sprayer?

roundup sprayer nozzle clogged

How to fix roundup sprayer

how to depressurize roundup sprayer

Roundup Sprayer Replacement Parts

Chapin 6-4824 Fan Nozzle Kit

Chapin 6-4824 Fan Nozzle Kit

    u003cliu003egenuine replacement parts u003c/liu003e
Roundup sprayer parts kit

Roundup sprayer parts kit

    u003cliu003ePoly adjustable nozzleu003c/liu003e

Roundup 2 gallon Sprayer Manual

Roundup Sprayer Nozzle Replacement