Weirran Battery Operated Versatile and Multi-Purpose Foldable Power Sprayer with Holster

Weirran Battery Operated Versatile and Multi-Purpose Foldable Power Sprayer with Holster

Are you in the market for a powerful model that’s also lightweight and easy to carry? If so, you’ll be happy to know that this model’s shoulder strap is included. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want a versatile and easy-to-use tool they can rely on when they need it. Plus, the lightweight design means this model is easy to carry around – even when it’s loaded with features!

This brand has become a household name for its innovative and compelling products with an affordable price tag. The battery-powered backpack sprayer is one of the most popular products from Weirran. With superior strength and quality, this sprayer has a lot to offer. It will surely be worth your money. Curious to know more? Read on to find out all you need to know about this powerful Backpack Sprayer.

Main Features

Multi-Purpose Foldable Power Sprayer with Holster

Weirran Battery Operated Power Sprayer is a cost-effective and innovative tool that allows you to choose your watering needs. It can be used in farm fields, residential areas, gardens, or wherever you need to water your plants. You can use it for any gardening project, including seedling germination, weed control, pest control, and insect removal.

High Quality

This patented battery-powered hand sprayer is a Weirran product. Made from durable material, it folds down for easy storage. It has a considerable 18-inch length, so you can reach farther than most hand-operated sprayers. This model folds neatly into its protective case to protect your investment in the event of an accident or when you are not using it.

In this adjustable nozzle, a small nozzle is located on a bent lance. You can spray to a narrow slit or dead corner by twisting the trigger. A large switch means you can adjust both sides of the gun.

Decent Performance

The sprayer is compatible with a container that holds at least 1 gallon of liquids. This model has 38/400 neck dimensions with not under 11 inches of height and is between ½ and ¾ of an inch in thickness.

Easy To Use

Start with the suction hose out of the holster and in a straight line. Next, make sure the weight on the hose is centered. The ceramic filter can be inserted first and then screwed onto the bottle. You should unlock the trigger lock before spraying. This becomes a simple and easy operation with proper training, technique, and no contact.

Multi-purpose Applications

This multi-purpose sprayer is excellent for a wide variety of different purposes. It comes with standard garden hose fittings, allowing you to attach it to a faucet for watering. That is especially handy for outdoors where there are no water taps available.

You can also use it for cleaning your car, outdoor showers, and all other purposes. This model is the best handheld sprayer for gardening, garden center, painting, carpet cleaning, and non-aerosol insecticide spraying.

Weirran Battery Operated Versatile and Multi-Purpose Foldable Power Sprayer with Holster

Protection and Guarantee

A pressure relief valve stops the nozzle from dripping. A built-in switch prevents kids from not working the nozzle. You will get an integrated valve and switch with a worry-free 12-month warranty. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, contact the manufacturer, and they’ll be happy to provide you with solutions.

If you’re struggling to get the pump sprayer working, here’s a quick-start guide for getting it going: Make sure the ceramic weight dips into the fluid, and then the fluid flows through the plastic hose. The black hose turns easier in the summertime and bends in places, so if you find one, straighten it out and try again.

When the sprayer’s fluid level runs low, refill it by turning the pump on for a few minutes. Once the pump is primed, you should lift the sprayer to your desired height and no longer have to prime it each time.


  • You can use it in any garden
  • The locking mechanism is perfect 
  • The nozzle adjusts the flow of liquid
  • Multi-directional nozzle and great battery Power
  • No durability issues
  • Handy Portable design and comfortable grip
  • Multi-Purpose Foldable Power Sprayer


  • The brass adjustable is not up to the mark.
  • This pump wand made pumping noises.
  • Not perfect for extensive gardens
  • No padded shoulder straps


We are amazed how many people have questions about the Weirran Multi-Purpose Foldable Power Sprayer. Thank you so much for your questions; we are happy to share more with you today! Keep them coming – we love answering your questions!

Cleaning Process

Cleaning Process of Garden Sprayer
  1. First, disconnect the power to the weirran battery-operated power spray by turning off the main power switch.
  2. Remove the nozzle from the weirran battery-operated power spray by unscrewing it.
  3. Rinse the nozzle and screws in clean water and let them soak for a few minutes.
  4. Screw on the nozzle and tighten it using a wrench if necessary.
  5. Reconnect the power to the weirran battery-operated power spray and turn on the main power switch.
  6. Test the operation of the weirran battery-operated power spray by spraying water at a distance of about 10 feet from where you are standing.

How long does this sprayer take to spray 2 acres of area on weed control?

It depends on the amount of spray remaining in your container. It takes roughly 40 minutes to spray 2 acres of weeds with this sprayer. It can spray approximately 500 to 600 square feet per minute and has a range of spray distance of about 12 feet.

Is this battery-powered sprayer suitable for liquid de-icer?

I’ve never used it, but it would depend on the size of the holes. I’m unsure how much the de-icer is made up of, but you can work something out. It’s also about the same length as the tube.

Is it possible to fold this multi-purpose sprayer?

This model is a holster-equipped foldable battery backpack sprayer. It features a continuous spraying angle and has a high-pressure nozzle and an adjustable spray width to achieve the desired spraying effect. It can be used in agriculture, horticulture, greenhouses, and domestic use for spraying pesticides on fruit trees, vegetable seedlings, flowers, etc.

How long does one battery cycle last?

The battery-powered model needs four AA batteries. The manufacturer recommends that you remove and replace them when not in use. However, the plastic the screws insert into cannot be overwritten too frequently because it will break down under the powerful pressure of the screws. Get fresh, long-lasting batteries. If this is for a sailboat, you will use it for all your sailing adventures.

Is this deluxe 3-in-1 nozzle suitable for thicker solutions?

I have not tested this nozzle with thicker liquids, but I can say that it is very compact. It does not seem to fit with thicker liquids.

You can use this pump to either push fluids that are non-polar and have no effect on the pump or liquids that may affect the pump. I would suggest using a water-based solution of vinegar and salt. This combination can be mixed in a spray bottle and sprayed on weeds. You may also need to prime it first as it may have salt residue from previous use of killing weeds. That will help the air pockets in the pump begin to develop and work properly.

Is it possible to use vinegar and salt solution in this functional sprayer?

Yes, it is possible to use vinegar and salt solution in this functional sprayer. However, be sure to test the solution first before using it on your furniture or other items. This is because vinegar can corrode metals, plastics, and other materials. And as for saltwater solutions, they can cause some surfaces to become slippery. So before applying the solution, ensure that you have properly cleaned and oiled your surface beforehand.

How to fix it?

Weirran Battery Operated Power Sprayer can be fixed by following these simple steps:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove the battery cover.
  3. Remove the two screws that hold the sprayer body to the base.
  4. Lift the sprayer body and remove it from the base.
  5. Clean all the dirt, dust, and debris accumulated on the sprayer body and replace any damaged or missing parts.
  6. Reinstall the battery cover, screws, and sprayer body into their original positions and plug the power cord into the wall outlet.

Final Words

The simple garden sprayer is the most affordable option for a small garden. It provides the basic functionality you need in a sprayer with less cost. Always wear protective clothing as safety precautions when using the sprayer. Suppose you spray chemicals such as fertilizer or herbicide on plants daily. In that case, it’s essential to use a sprayer made from chemical-resistant material that will not leach harmful chemicals into your garden.

No spraying harsh chemicals into the air. Don’t wear out your hands trying to manually squirt chemical solutions into a tank capacity or bottle. This one-hand pressure sprayer is easy to use, and you can save money by rinsing it after every use. When you decide to buy it, you should concern about your dog’s getting fleas, but this product works just as well for them as it does for the flea problem in your house.

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