The Ortho Dial-n-Spray hose-end sprayer is a highly popular garden sprayer on the market. It may not be the best garden sprayer, but it is one of the most popular. This Ortho garden sprayer review will take a close look at the pros and cons of this garden sprayer so you can decide if it’s right for you.

This model is relatively easy to use. It would be best to twist the dial to set your spray pattern and press the trigger to apply it. That’s all there is to it. And, this sprayer model is ideal for applying pesticides, lawn and garden liquid chemicals containers, fertilizers, insect control, weed killers, or plant food.

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer

Ortho Liquid Weed Killer

  • 3 Adjustable Spray
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 14 dilution settings and 3 spray patterns
  • Extended-grip handle

Ergonomic Design: Ultimate Versatility

Without a doubt, this new multi-use fertilizer applicator will change the way you water your plants. Not only does this device allow you to apply concentrated plant food, but it also allows you to mix and match different dry fertilizers as well. It’s effortless to use, and all the instructions are clearly explained in the manual.

This model is sturdy, ergonomic, and well-designed. You’re going to love this hose sprayer. It’s got a sturdy plastic construction that’s durable and easy on the grip. The trigger is accessible on the hand. The handle slide fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for comfortable control. In addition to its design, the ergonomics of the sprayer are also excellent. You won’t have any problem deals with dripping or over-spraying with this one.

Several Spray Setting

There are 14 different spray settings and three adjustable spray patterns to pick out. With a flow of 2 gallons per minute, you can apply up to 2 gallons of liquid concentrate with every fill. Attach the bottle to the blaster, dials in the suggested dosage per gallon on the device, and sprays for 1 minute per shrub.

The jet-stream sprayer is very powerful. It makes it challenging to direct the stream of water. The adjustment dial setting allows you to set the concentration rather than have to calculate it with a formula.

Easy to Use: Assistive Features

When you need a dandelion sprayer, Ortho has your back. That is an easy-to-use, easy-to-fill device that produces an excellent dandelion spray pattern. It provides a consistent pattern that will irrigate your lawn and remove any clinging weeds. Set the dial on the bottle to the desired concentration and pull the trigger to get the job done!

Proper Modifications: Additional Features

If you want to make the model work fine, two modifications are needed. The first is to increase the level of the water pressure to the required setup to make the system work better. The second is to stop the connection dripping at the lawn hosepipe. The downward-angle hose attachment solves both issues, and it works well.

First, turn off the water. Take out the rubber washer from the ending part of the hose. Grab the spike in the middle of the washer and pull it out. The pressure release valve will be exposed, allowing you to remove it quickly.

The ergonomic handle will pop out as it should be. Make sure the sprayer is turned off before you start drilling through it. Now drill straight over the end of the garden sprayer from the backside. That will abolish the pressure valve and allow the pressure to reach the spray nozzle.

Now take a pair of scissors and carefully trim any loose plastic pieces from the centre. Push the item back into the Ortho Dial-n-Spray sprayer to face similar to when you first put it in. You may discover that using a woody pin to help push makes this work much more accessible.

The final change to the backpack sprayer was to add a screen to the end of the hose. It’s one of those things that you would generally have to buy separately. Still, we already had the hose, and it’s easily broken down into smaller parts. That will stop every small element from taking off the sprayer and blocking it up.

Use a hose washer to get the job done.  You might even be able to find one at an auto parts store.  One thing I’d recommend, though, is that you check it for leaks before heading out into the field with it. While the model should work with no complications, I’d like to make sure that it holds up long enough to find another replacement. If it does leak, I’ll end up forever replacing this model.

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer

Ortho Garden Sprayer

Water Pressure: Fascinating feature

We are not happy with this pressure spray. The pressure is not very good because of a small part that shouldn’t be there, and the hose in the bottle clogs up and stays clogged. Reducing the water pressure helps, but if you use it to spray plants or clean surfaces, you might as well not bother. The nozzle in the bottle doesn’t spray very well either, but the hose didn’t get clogged or leak.

Suction Tube: Exciting feature

The beauty of the tool is that it does not require a bowl. The liquid is sucked directly into the vacuum, and the higher the vacuum, the more water you can suck up. By squeezing the handle, you can control how much liquid is sucked up. The filter on the end of the suction hose can be removed for cleaning. The cup on this tool holds less water than those used in other brands.


  • The dilution rate is up to the mark
  • It provides a comfortable grip
  • The dilution ratio is, one tablespoon per gallon
  • Adjustable hose-end sprayers
  • This model is an affordable sprayer


  • No convenient button
  • Not good for commercial lawn spray

How far does this model spray?

It’s probably a good idea to avoid over-pressurizing a garden hose. As it stands, I wouldn’t expect a garden hose to spray more than 3 to 4 feet. That’s about the highest I would expect a garden hose to shoot. Fortunately, we still have gravity, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there is enough pressure in the water coming out of the hose to keep spraying.

How do you use a concentrate sprayer to mix and extract cannabis resin from water efficiently?

One solution is to put water in the cup first, then add water-soluble concentrates. If you’re using an unscented concentrate (without ascent), you’ll need the container to be complete. Fill it with water and add your concentrate.

What is the capacity of this hose-end sprayer in gallons?

Add concentrate to the water according to the directions on the container. The capacity of this sprayer is 32 ounces, so you should add 3 oz per gallon of water. Then, attach the sprayer to your garden hose and turn it on.

The best way to control the strength of your concentrate is to measure it accurately. The best way to do that is with a calibrated scale, like this one. When using a sprayer, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The sprayer will draw out the concentrate you mix with the water at the concentration you set on the dial. It will also suck out all of the water you put in. The problem is that this is a very flimsy device, so it’s essential to pump in some water to make sure everything works correctly. Once you’ve got it working, play around with different concentrations and see what works best for your situation.

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