CHAPIN 20000 1-gallon poly lawn and garden sprayer

CHAPIN 1-Gallon Plastic Tank Sprayer: Video with Infographic

CHAPIN 20000 1-gallon poly lawn and garden sprayer is an excellent choice for any lawn & garden owner looking for a garden sprayer that is both versatile and affordable. This sprayer can spray any liquid, whether water, weed killer or fertilizer. Read on to find out how this product compares to other sprayers.

This weed-control sprayer is a great way to spray chemicals and pesticides. It features an automatic anti-clog filter for a clog-free, steady stream. In addition, it has a lightweight, durable polyethylene tank for easy transport while staying safe from rust.

Their unique, original lawn and garden sprayers are designed to meet the needs of your home. With a focus on innovation gained through industry knowledge, CHAPIN’s products have been manufactured with excellence in the U.S. since 1871.

Energy Efficient Adjustable Nozzle

CHAPIN 1-Gallon Plastic Tank Sprayer

It is easy to adjust the spray nozzle on this 1-gallon plastic tank model. Twist the nozzle to different settings to fine-tune your shot to get the most coverage you need without using too much water. The adjustable wand is also designed to be easy to reach into those narrow spaces where trees and shrubs grow.

This 1-gallon lawn & garden sprayer construction ensures it is durable for indoor and outdoor use. The adjustable cone nozzle allows fine misting or strong spray to the desired area. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold.

 Ergonomic Handle

The heavy-duty, ergonomic spray handle on this garden hose allows you to use it with a water-tight nozzle. Also, you can adjust to get just the right amount of coverage. The 12-inch wand is up to the mark.

However, once you lock it, you’ll feel a strong resistance as you pull on the handle. That is due to the pump’s large size and the unit’s locking mechanism.

The brass spray wand is a handy feature for spraying, and the ergonomic pump handle makes it easy to carry around. It’s easy to fill and store. The comfort-grip pump handle makes it a convenient carrying point for the wand. You will never need a shoulder strap, as the black handle works well enough for you.

Fluid Level of CHAPIN 1 gallon sprayer

The markings on the container model are beneficial. They allow me to fill the sprayer without spilling one drop. The sprayer is made from a translucent bottle, allowing me to quickly check the level without leaking any fluid.

You can also use a two-gallon sprayer model for better results. This model is a top-functioning tool for enlightening the energy efficiency of products.

This handy watering can do it all. It is also an excellent choice for watering the cactus plant. It includes an automatic pressure-relief valve and a battery-operated machine funnel top tank with an easily visible liquid level.

CHAPIN’S Unique In-Tank Anti-Clog Filter

I appreciate the anti-clogging filter and the water-level control on the sprayer. I also like that the tank filter is right at the tip of the hose, so it’s a rapid tool to use for small jobs. I keep the box in my garage to store it upside down for easy storage and get the most use from it.

Chapin has several different sprayers for different chemicals. But the one I use to apply salt does have an inner tube that needs to be removed and washed, making it a little more time-consuming. On the other hand, I haven’t noticed any real problems with clog-free, steady spray. Never use harsh chemicals in this model. 


An internal filter supports to eliminate grime and debris

Amazon packaging is fantastic and protected

The locking feature perfect for beginners

The poly handle is stylish and handy

This model is energy-saving with no mess filling

Effective tools for gardeners


The Anti-clog feature is not great for rough use

Sometimes the pressure release valve doesn’t work correctly.


There are many benefits to having the best 1-gallon sprayer that will make your life a lot easier. It is one of the most popular 1-gallon sprayers on the market. This model is a favorite for homeowners, hobbyists, and contractors.

This model includes a steel tank and poly handle that is rust resilient and long-lasting.
It has an adjustable brass nozzle, providing a fine mist to a powerful jet stream.
It is portable, easy to use, and has less weight than other models.
It is available in five different versions and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.
You will be able to use it with ease to use nozzle spray in different places.
This 12-inch straight wand is perfect for weed control, compost, and pest control.
It provides convenient filling for long-term work experience.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the CHAPIN premier 1-gallon sprayer. And if you have further questions, be sure to either contact us.

How can you use a Chapin home and garden sprayer?

To use a Chapin sprayer, follow these simple steps:

Open the tank by turning the cap to the left.
Fill the tank with water according to the instructions on the side of the tank.
Screw on the cap to the right of the tank.
Aim and spray using the adjustable nozzle.
Hold down the trigger to continue spraying if desired.

How much pressure should you apply to your tank?

The more you punch until the tank is complete, the more challenging and tighter it will feel. You will also know when the tank is full because it will explode. When you fill your tank, it can feel like a tight and hard squeeze, but once it is filled, it will feel just right.

How far does a Chapin sprayer spray?

This adjustable spray nozzle type is excellent for targeting multiple areas at once. In addition, the brass pump allows you to use less pressure — up to 150 psi — while reaching targets over 30 feet away.

Is Chapin’s 1-gallon plastic tank sprayer a good sprayer model?

This model is an excellent garden sprayer that is easy to use and maintains good pressure, with clear markings on how much product to use. The only drawback is that it takes about three pressurized blasts to empty the contents of the sprayer.

Can you use diesel fuel in this Chapin 1-gallon plastic tank sprayer?

Diesel fuel is not compulsory for use with any of our sprayers. The manufacturer does not suggest using any sprayer models with diesel fuel. However, if you have any questions about proper sprayer use, please call Customer Service at 800-950-4458 to help you.

Can I spray vegetable oil with this Chapin tank sprayer?

This comfortable sprayer works best with vegetable oil. However, the oil in this model is thinner than water. Therefore, it may not provide enough pressure to reach the recommended working temperature.

Are any plastic materials in this sprayer risk-free for food applications?

It’s small, light, and plastic-like — so it’s entirely safe for use around food. According to the manufacturer, you can hold ingredients such as cooking oil. While its composition is unknown, it’s probably made of polyethylene because it’s very light.

How long can this model spray before it loses the compression?

3-5 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to complete a full application with a Chapin Sprayer. Of course, you can constantly adjust how frequently you need to pump, but this will depend on your spraying needs. Of course, if you need more time to spray, a larger capacity Chapin Sprayer may be for you. With the Chapin Sprayer, you can accomplish up to two applications in 30 minutes.

How can you use this spray model as foam?

You cannot use this sprayer cannot be used as a foamer due to its lack of features. However, The manufacturer does sell one that is similar but larger and more powerful. The Chapin 2659E 2-gallon industrial sanitation poly foamer will be an excellent choice if you want something that can spray and foam.

Can you use this sprayer model for wood stains?

It’s not the best tool for use on various surfaces. Still, it’s excellent for applying stains and other materials to wood and porous surfaces. Using it like a paintbrush, however, isn’t recommended. It won’t produce a consistently even coat. Also, using it to paint will bleed through the cheesecloth or onto your work area.

How can this Chapin sprayer model push automatic conduction fluid into a transmission?

If you have a lightweight, sticky substance, you can successfully pour it correctly. However, suppose you attempt to run anything heavier. In that case, you will find that it will not come out of the system to push automatic conduction fluid.

Is this model safe with bleach and solvents?

The plastic is very well-made and long-lasting. Although not made with bleach-resistant plastic, it is still safe to wash. In addition, the color does not bleach when cleaned with detergent.

How to Assemble

There are a few things that you will need to assemble your Chapin lawn and garden sprayer.

Chapin Lawn and Garden Sprayer– This is the central part of the sprayer, and it needs to be assembled before use.
Hose- The hose needs to be attached to the Chapin lawn and garden sprayer for it to work.
Adapter- This connects the hose to the Chapin lawn and garden sprayer.
Cap- The cap must be attached for the Chapin lawn and garden sprayer to work correctly.

How to clean this Chapin sprayer?

To clean a Chapin sprayer, you must disassemble it and clean all the parts. For Better results, follow these instructions.

Pour a gallon of white vinegar into the sprayer.
Add 1 cup of baking soda to the vinegar.
Please turn on the sprayer and let it run until the mixture starts bubbling and becomes thickened.
Pour the mixture through a strainer into a container.
Rinse the sprayer with water and dry it off.

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