How to Replace or Change lawn mower blade

How to Change lawn mower blade: Is it interchangeable (Infographic with Video Explained)

The lawn mower machine is easy to use and makes cutting and mowing quick. But for it to work well, it needs maintenance.

We know how to perform a little maintenance on lawnmowers and tractors, but we might not know the entire mechanism. The blades of a lawn mower are essential and can make a big difference in the health of the grass and how it looks. They need to be cleaned and maintained at least once a week.

To change or attach blades, I need to know which side of the blade is up. For a lawn mower to function correctly, you must change its blade in time. If a blade is not sharp, it will give an uneven cut and deteriorate the lawn.

Here, we will be discussing the maintenance related to lawn mower blades.

How to Change lawn mower blade

How do I know when to change the blade on my lawn mower?

A dull lawnmower blade will cut poorly and damage your lawn. That’s why you should schedule blade changes yearly. Change blades when you see signs:

  • If your lawn mower leaves rough patches in the grass after cutting, it may be time for blade sharpening.
  • If your mower makes loud noises while you mow, you might need blade balancing.
  • Dull blades will make uneven cuts in the grass.
  • A dull mower blade means your blade balancer is not going to work well at all.
  • A sharp blade is a key to a clean cut.
  • You should change your blades after 24 hours of total use.

What steps do you need to take when changing a lawn mower blade?

Some steps you can follow before changing your lawn mower blade are not something to take lightly. This is not just a one-time task but needs to be done periodically. Your blade can wear down quickly, so there are some steps you can take to prepare before the blade change.

  1. Safety comes first, always. Put on your protective eyewear before changing your lawn mower blade.
  2. Make sure that the blade is facing up when you change it.
  3. Put the mower in the off position before you change the blade.
  4. Please turn off your mower, let it cool down, and set the blade size for your bolt opener.
  5. Keep children away while you change the blade. Make sure to do this in your garage or workshop.
  6. Make sure not to get hurt when changing the blade. It is better to do this in your garage or workshop.

What are five lawnmower safety tips?

How can you change the blades on your lawnmower while maintaining your safety? Follow these three simple safety rules:

  • Make sure your safety gear is on before you remove the old blade.
  • Wear protective glasses.
  • Make sure that your mower is not too hot to touch.
  • Store the mower blade safely.
  • Carefully detach the old, rusty blade from your machine.

What side of the blade is up?

Almost nine out of ten people make this mistake when changing the blades on their lawnmowers. To keep things from getting confusing, many people forget to mark or label the front and back of the blade. The manufacturers sometimes make a sticker with instructions for which side should be up, but once these stickers come off, there is no way to tell which side is which.

Many people often get confused when attaching a new blade to their razor. Follow these easy steps to determine which side of the blade goes up and which side goes down.

As you can see, some people get confused when attaching a new blade. The blades are usually marked with an arrow that can be up or down. Make sure you match the arrow on the blade to the left or right side of the razor, depending on which way it is pointing, and attach the blade with the head pointing downwards.

What is the upside of a lawn mower blade?

It would be best if you were careful when using the lawnmower. The downside to the blade is that it’s sharp enough to cut plants. The upside is that it’s cleaner than the downside of the blade. There is a problem with the new blade, though: both sides of it are sharp and shiny. It would be helpful if there were a label, so you don’t accidentally use it the wrong way up.

How can you ensure you put the sharp side of the blade down?

  • Manufacturers print a sticker label with the word “sharp” on one side of the blade to avoid confusion.
  • The blade is designed with the sharp side facing down to avoid confusion.
  • There is a sensor that detects if the blade is flipped. If it detects something wrong, it alerts the user.

Does the position of the mower blades matter?

The blade of a lawn mower is not interchangeable. If it is mounted wrong, you’ll have significant problems. If you have any issues, please take a step back and examine your work.

Ripped Grass

Mounting the blade incorrectly will produce undesired results. Instead of seeing fresh grasses after mowing, you will find them ripped. That is highly noticeable and unappealing.

Blade Ruined

A blade with one sharp edge can cut grasses perfectly, but if it spins in the wrong direction, it will be destroyed. The blade will need to be changed after only one use.

Damaged Mower

If you put the blade backward on your lawn mower, the blades will spin in the wrong direction. This will cause stones to get inside your mower and make it difficult to deal with them.

Categories of lawnmower blades

There are different categories of lawnmower blades. They all have different features, and you should know the differences to identify your blade:

Different Types of Lawn Mowers Blades
Reel or Cylinder Blades
Deck Blades
Mulching Blades
Lifting Blades
Regular Lawn Mower

One of the more difficult mowers to change is a reel mower.

What can you do with old mower blades?

If you’re looking for a cost-cutting option, there are two things you can do. You can sharpen your old lawnmower blade with a power tool outside or by hand.

  • Put on your safety goggles, gloves, and earplugs.
  • Next, you must grab your power grinder and re-sharp the blade before continuing with the sharpening stone.
  • Finally, place your blade on a flat surface.
  • Sharpen the blade until you reach the desired sharpness.
  • Hold the blade up and spray it with water.
  • Give the dull side of the blade a few strokes on the sharpening stone.
  • Keep rubbing the stone back and forth.
  • To get the blade out of the handle, push on the side of the blade and pull on the handle.
  • Grab your 200mm metallic file.
  • Scrub the blade surface with light pressure and small circular motions 10-15 times.
  • Make sure to spray the sharp blade with the water again.
  • Finish off with some sandpaper (500 grit).
  • Take your knife and sandpaper and gently rub the knife to get a shiny result.
  • Carefully wash your blade.
  • Your blade is sharpened and ready to be reused.

Final Words

Lawn Mower blades are meant to be replaced every season. If you’ve purchased a new mower, check out the manual to determine how to change the blades. Most mowers use a key to depress a lock before you lift the blade from the mower. This allows you to replace or change the blade with ease.

This blog post is to clarify the correct way to mount the lawnmower blade. We will also explain the benefits of having a well-maintained blade and tell you how to do it yourself. For professional advice on blade mounting, please consult your lawn mower manufacturer.

Ready to repair your lawn mower blade? Let’s get started. A lawn mower blade assembly guide can be found below. This guide has the answers to many of the questions you may have. It also includes general information about which side of the blade is up.

Well, this has been a pretty long article. We’re eager to close out this article by saying that we hope you learned something new and that it was helpful. How unfortunate if you ran out of time to read it all! We appreciate you reading this far and hope you enjoyed the article.

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