Why should you consider purchasing a cordless machine instead of an engine powered one? For one, they’re extremely easy to maneuver around your yard. They’re also lightweight and usually don’t need to be started, saving you time and energy. This is particularly true with the Lawnmaster 24v cordless mower, which is one of the best models on the market.

In this review, I will be looking at the key features of this cordless lawn mower, along with its pros and cons. This will allow you to make a more informed decision on whether it is the right choice for you.


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Main Features of Cordless Lawn Mower with Battery power

The cordless lawn mower is not a new concept, but it is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. No one wants to be tied down to a cord when they are mowing their lawn. The freedom of movement that a cordless mower can offer makes it a smart option for many homeowners. If you’re considering a cordless mower and aren’t exactly sure what it has to offer, here are some of the main features you may want to know about.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the time a battery can sustain a device is a crucial factor. As a cordless mower, the Lawnmaster 24v mower’s battery life is a lot longer than a corded mower. As you might expect from a cordless mower, the battery life of the Lawnmaster 24v mower is quite impressive.

The battery life will help you achieve your ideal lawn care routine at a price that won’t break the bank.

Battery Powered with Spare Batteries

The Lawnmaster 24v cordless mower is a great solution for people who want a low-cost and convenient mowing solution with minimal maintenance. This lawn mower model is designed for smaller lawns without the need for a power outlet. It is lightweight, easy to use, easy to maneuver, cuts grass cleanly with no snagging. This single lever lawn mower is quiet in operation, cuts both wet & dry grass with ease. This one battery lawn mower has fast charging time. The Lawnmaster has two batteries, one in the mower, and one spare battery. The spare battery will provide backup battery charger for you. This reserving battery life is also impressive.

Remote Control

The main function of the remote control Lawnmaster mower is to help you enjoy your backyard. It makes it easy to get the job done with no problems. The lawn mower has a fast charger time of about 4 hours. Once you’re finished, the battery charge will be full in only 4 hours.

The Lawnmaster 24v cordless mower is an electric mower that doesn’t require a cord to operate.

Brushless Motor

It runs on a 24v battery and uses a brushless motor. It is designed to be lightweight for ease of use and has a 20” cutting width. 

Safety Key

The mower has a safety key that you must turn to the on position before you press the start button. This prevents the mower from starting if the key isn’t in place.


  • This lawn mower features spare battery
  • It is also one of the safest lawn mowers available in the market
  • This model comes with a safety key
  • Features a supplied mulch plug system to remove grass clippings
  • It provides best run time by delivering extra power
  • The amount of grass clippings are particularly good
  • This lawn mower is quieter than most other models
  • Offering an environmentally friendly system


Fact about Lawnmaster Cordless Lawn Mower

Lawnmaster is an American manufacturer of power mowers and other lawn and garden equipment. The company was founded in 1982 as a manufacturer of industrial lawnmowers. In 1999, Lawnmaster began introducing residential mowers and has since become a notable brand among residential users. 

Different Lawn Mower

When you are looking to buy a new mower, you have to understand that there are different types of lawn mowers available in the market. There are larger ones that are more powerful and have wider decks. There are smaller mowers that are light weight and more convenient to use. Then there is the electric mower which is the most quiet of them all. 

Final Word

The Lawnmaster 24V Cordless mower is one of the best investments you can make for your lawn care business. This cordless lawn mower is perfect for the person that finds themselves doing lawn care on multiple properties each day. It allows them to move quickly from one job to another, saving valuable time. 

As a whole, the Lawnmaster mowers are a bit heavier and a bit more expensive than traditional cordless lawn mower models, but they come with a lot of power and a lot of features that make them worth their price.