How to Assemble Reel Lawn Mower Blades

How to Assemble Reel Lawn Mower Blades: 10 Easy Steps with Infographic and Video

If you own an automatic reel lawn mower, you’ll know how frustrating it is when the blades stop spinning. The problem might be a dull cutting blade, but a buildup of grass and debris can also cause it. Read on to learn how to sharpen reel lawn mower blades at home.

You can sharpen your mower blade with a file. It is a good idea to sharpen your reel mower blades before you mow your lawn. Dull blades make the motor work harder, and they will wear out the motor sooner.

Reel Push Mower Assembly
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied reel push mower
  • Product should be in the room where it is to be assembled before provider arrives. Moving product after assembly is not included
  • Cleanup work area. Take packaging to customer's bins unless customer declines
  • Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider
  • This service does not include haul-away of products or trash

What is a Reel Lawn Mower?

A reel lawn mower blade is a type of blade that moves back and forth along the ground instead of side to side. This blade type typically has less drag, making it easier for you to maneuver around tight corners and curves in your yard. Additionally, this blade cuts evenly on both sides, eliminating the need to turn it regularly or sharpen it.

Why is it important to assemble reel lawn mower blades correctly?

When reel lawn mower blades are assembled correctly, you can minimize the risk of damage to your machine and reduce the chances of injury. Here are some tips for assembly that will help:

  1. Remove the blade from the reel by rotating it in a counterclockwise direction.
  2. Install the knife bit on top of this new blade (the one off the reel). Make sure it is lined up, so there is a slight gap between both parts when installed together. The amount of space depends on how wide your knives are – typically, wider blades require more space than narrower ones.
  3. Slide each knife over its respective spindle until they click into place, and make sure they’re straight-forwardly aligned with their runners (these pieces rotate as you drive). You may need to adjust them if necessary due to wear or misalignment during use (which could cause friction and eventual wear and tear on your machine).
    4.. Reel in each wire using your thumbwheel/clutch lever while simultaneously pressing down evenly along all 12 edges with both hands – excessive pressure applied at any point can cause marking or tears in the fabric caused by bonded wires rubbing together, which significantly reduces performance and life expectancy of motor & gearbox!

Does your Reel Lawn Mower need a new blade?

Lucas Ruffini is the co-founder of Reel Lawn Mower. He says that one of the most common problems people encounter with reel lawnmowers is not knowing where to put the blade on the contraption. The situation is more complicated if you have an old reel that’s a mower or one that’s out of use. You must take it to an expert.

How to Assemble Reel Lawn Mower Blades

How often should I sharpen the blades on my reel lawn mower?

It’s essential to keep your reel lawn mower blades sharpened regularly to avoid damage and accidents. When they are sharp, the blades will spin more easily, reducing wear and tear on the engine and allowing for longer life.

The best time to sharpen them is before you use them, but you can also do it while using the machine if necessary. To determine how often to sharpen them, measure the width of one blade at its farthest point from the handle. This should be about 1/8-inch (3 mm) wide.

How to assemble the reel lawn mower blade?

Below is a quick how-to guide to assembling a blade.

  • Wear your safety gear, and you will be ready to assemble the lawnmower blade.
  • Tighten the blade with a bolt driver and match it with the bolt on the blade.
  • Take out the old blade.
  • Read about the benefits of your new blade.
  • Press the new blade down before screwing it in tightly.

After assembling the blade, what should I do?

  • Verify the blade is positioned correctly.
  • Check to make sure the bolt is screwed down. Don’t over-tighten it.
  • Test the balance of your blade by wiggling the blade up and down. If it wobbles, there may be a problem.
  • Don’t forget to check the engine before starting. Also, make sure no strange noises are coming out of the machine; if there are, contact an expert.
  • Ensure that your blade is the correct length.
  • A blade with uneven weight may come in contact with nearby objects, which can lead to accidents.

Should reel mower blades touch?

The blades and cutting bar in reel mowers should be placed close together, but not touching, in a cylinder. When they are correctly positioned, the blades will cut paper like scissors. When you put a strip of paper down and use the reel mower, the blades will cut the paper like scissors, which will be cut cleanly.

What is the threading on a lawn mower blade?

Lawnmowers commonly use a reverse-threaded nut. This is important to remember because not all lawn blades are threaded. A reverse-threaded nut is used to tighten the blade onto the drive shaft and prevent it from falling off while the blade is spinning. Reverse-threaded nuts may apply to lawnmowers, but not always. Keep in mind that not all lawnmowers use a reverse-threaded nut.

Final words

The reel mowers are the best option for people finding hassle in using push mowers or electric mowers. These mowers are not only easy to use, but also they give cuttings so fine that they look like the ones of a professional. A cordless reel mower is easy to handle, and you will have no trouble using it. It is so easy to use that even kids can use it.

There are several things to note when you’re assembling reel mower blades. First, inspect the cutting edge of all blades. If the blade is no longer sharp, replace it before continuing. Second, make sure the wheel is aligned correctly on your reel frame. 

The wheel must be centered with the blade and be even on both sides of the wheel. Third, make sure that your reel is correctly attached to the axle. Fourth, check your wheel for any cracks or worn spots.

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