How do you turn on GreenWorks 40v lawn mower?

To turn on a GreenWorks 40v lawn mower:

  1. Insert the fully charged 40v battery into the designated battery compartment on the mower.
  2. Locate the safety key slot, usually near the mower’s handle.
  3. Insert the safety key into the slot.
  4. Press and hold the safety button, typically located on the handle.
  5. While holding the safety button, squeeze the start lever on the handle.

Turning on a GreenWorks 40v lawn mower involves a safety feature to prevent accidental starts.

  1. Battery Insertion: Ensure the 40v battery is fully charged. Please insert it into the designated compartment on the lawn mower.
  2. Safety Key: Locate the safety key slot, usually near the handle. The safety key is a safety feature that must be inserted for the mower to start.
  3. Insert Safety Key: Insert the safety key into the designated slot. This key ensures that the mower is operated safely and prevents unauthorized use.
  4. Safety Button: Find the safety button on the mower’s handle, typically a button that must be pressed while starting the mower. This is an additional safety measure to prevent accidental starts.
  5. Start Lever: While holding the safety button, squeeze the start lever on the handle. This action engages the mower’s motor and initiates the starting process.
1Battery InsertionLocate the safety key slot, usually near the mower handle.
2Safety Key SlotInsert safety key into the designated slot.
3Insert Safety KeyInsert safety key into designated slot.
4Safety ButtonPress and hold the safety button on the handle.
5Start LeverWhile holding the safety button, squeeze the start lever on the handle.

Preparing for Start-Up

Battery power is the heart of your GreenWorks 40V Lawn Mower. Ensure it’s charged before starting. Check the battery level and appreciate the importance of a full charge for optimal performance. Safety should always be a priority, so clear the mowing area, don appropriate safety gear, and inspect the mower for any damage before starting.

4 Steps to Turn On GreenWorks 40V Lawn Mower

How to Start GreenWorks lawn mower

Inserting the Safety Key

As I stand before my lawn, ready to give it a fresh look, the first step is to locate the safety key slot. It’s usually near the control panel. I gently but firmly insert the safety key, ensuring it sits snugly. It’s a small action with a big impact – the key ensures a safe and controlled startup.

Attaching the Fully Charged Battery


With the safety key in place, I move to the battery compartment. Identifying it is easy – it’s often at the rear of the mower. I’ve made it a habit to charge the battery before each mowing session, so it’s a matter of aligning and securely attaching the battery. The satisfying click assures me that I’m ready to roll.

Adjusting the Cutting Height

Different lawns have different needs, and the GreenWorks 40V understands that. The cutting height adjustment is conveniently placed, and turning the knob allows me to set the desired height for my lawn. It’s a simple customization that caters to the unique requirements of my yard.

Activating the Control Panel

The moment of truth arrives as I press the power button on the control panel. It’s akin to starting the engine of a trusted car. The hum of the motor signals readiness, and I’m in control. The control panel also houses additional buttons for features like mulching or bagging, adding a layer of customization to my mowing experience.

Troubleshooting Tips

Despite the simplicity, occasional hiccups may occur. The mower may refuse to start, emit unusual sounds, or face battery issues. I’ve encountered these challenges, but resolving them is part of the learning curve.

Mower Not Starting

If the mower refuses to start, I’ve learned to check the battery connection first. Ensuring it’s snug and secure often solves the problem. Additionally, verifying the safety key placement is crucial. It’s a tiny detail that greatly affects the mower’s functionality.

Unusual Sounds or Vibrations

Unusual sounds or vibrations during operation can be disconcerting, but they usually have simple solutions. Inspecting the cutting blades for any obstructions and removing them swiftly resolves most issues. It’s like giving the mower a quick check-up, ensuring it operates smoothly.

Battery Issues

how to charge a GreenWorks pro lawn mower

Battery issues can arise, especially if the battery isn’t charged properly. I’ve learned to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for charging, and if the problem persists, considering a battery replacement is a pragmatic solution. A well-maintained battery ensures a consistently reliable mower.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Just like any tool, the GreenWorks 40V Lawn Mower benefits from regular maintenance. Cleaning and storing the mower properly contribute to its longevity and sustained performance.

Cleaning and Storing the Mower

After each mowing session, I make it a point to remove grass clippings and debris. It’s a quick but crucial step to prevent buildup and ensure efficient operation. Storing the mower in a dry and cool place further protects it from the elements, extending its lifespan.

Regular Inspections

A routine inspection is akin to a health check for the mower. I examine it for wear and tear, ensuring that all parts are in good condition. Lubricating moving parts is a small yet significant task, preventing friction and maintaining the mower’s smooth operation.

Environmental Considerations

In this age of environmental awareness, it’s essential to consider the eco-friendliness of our tools. The GreenWorks 40V Lawn Mower is no exception.

Proper Disposal of Batteries

As I appreciate the convenience of battery-powered tools, I also acknowledge the responsibility of proper disposal. Batteries should never end up in regular waste. Instead, I explore battery recycling options. It’s a small effort with a significant impact on the environment.


Turning on the GreenWorks 40V Lawn Mower is a straightforward process, but it’s the attention to detail and maintenance that ensures its consistent performance. As I stand back and admire my well-mowed lawn, I’m reminded that the simplicity of the startup process is the foundation of a satisfying and efficient mowing experience.

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