Step-by-Step Guide on Starting Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower

Maintaining a well-kept lawn is a source of pride for many homeowners, and having the right tools can make all the difference. The Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower stands out as a reliable choice, but getting it started efficiently is crucial for a hassle-free mowing experience. In this guide, we’ll walk through the process, drawing on my personal experience with this powerful lawn mower.

The Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower is a robust and efficient tool, but mastering the startup procedure is key to unlocking its full potential. This guide aims to simplify the process and ensure a smooth beginning to your lawn care routine.

starting greenworks 80v lawn mower

Understanding Your Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower

Before diving into the startup process, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the key components. The blade, battery, handles, and safety features all play a crucial role in the mower’s performance. Personally, I found that understanding these parts made the startup process much more intuitive.

Safety Precautions

Safety should always come first. Donning the necessary safety gear, such as gloves and protective eyewear, is a non-negotiable step. Clearing the workspace of any debris or obstacles ensures a safer mowing experience for both you and your equipment.

Preparing Your Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower

Charging the Battery

how to charge a GreenWorks pro lawn mower

One of the first steps is checking the battery level. My experience taught me that a fully charged battery is the key to a seamless mowing session. The charging process is straightforward – just connect the battery to the charger and let it power up.

How often should I charge the 80V battery for optimal performance?

For optimal performance, charge your Greenworks 80V battery based on usage:

Usage FrequencyCharging Interval
Infrequent (Monthly)Charge the battery at least once a month to maintain its capacity.
Regular (Weekly)Charge the battery once a week for moderate usage.
Intensive (Daily)Charge the battery daily or as needed for heavy usage.

Inspection and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the backbone of any reliable lawn mower. Before starting, inspect the blade for any signs of wear and ensure it’s sharp. Additionally, checking the oil level is a quick but crucial step to prevent any hiccups during operation.

Step-by-Step Guide

Placing the Mower on a Level Surface

Choosing the right spot for your mower sets the stage for a successful startup. A flat and stable surface ensures that your mower operates efficiently and safely. I always take a moment to confirm the stability of the mower on my chosen surface before moving forward.

Inserting the Battery

Locating the battery compartment may seem trivial, but it’s a step that can’t be overlooked. Once you find it, inserting the charged battery is as simple as following the designated slots. This step ensures that your mower has the power it needs to tackle the task at hand.

Adjusting Cutting Height

The cutting height is a personal preference and depends on your lawn’s specific needs. I found that selecting the desired height and adjusting the cutting height accordingly is a quick and easy process that significantly influences the final result.

Engaging the Safety Features

Safety features, including the start button and key, play a pivotal role in preventing accidents. Understanding these features and engaging them before starting the mower is a habit that becomes second nature. It ensures a secure environment for both the user and the equipment.

Pulling the Start Cord or Using Electric Start

The startup process itself offers two options – the traditional pull start cord and the electric start for added convenience. While I typically use the pull start cord, having the electric start option is a nice touch, especially for those who prefer a more hands-off approach.

To start your Greenworks 80V lawn mower, follow these simple steps:

1. Insert BatteryEnsure the 80V battery is fully charged. Insert it into the battery compartment located on the mower.
2. Adjust Cutting HeightSet the desired cutting height using the height adjustment lever on the mower.
3. Check Safety KeyConfirm that the safety key is properly inserted. It’s a crucial safety feature that must be in place for the mower to start.
4. Push Start ButtonDepress and hold the start button while pulling the bail lever towards the handle. This engages the mower’s motor.
5. Release Bail LeverRelease the bail lever once the mower is running. This allows the blades to start spinning.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Common Starting Issues

Despite its reliability, the Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower may encounter starting issues. Troubleshooting the battery and checking the spark plug are two simple yet effective methods to address common problems. My personal experience highlighted the importance of addressing these issues promptly for uninterrupted mowing sessions.

What should I do if my Greenworks 80V mower won’t start?

If your Greenworks 80V lawn mower refuses to start, try these troubleshooting steps:

IssueTroubleshooting Steps
1. Battery IssueCheck the battery to ensure it is properly charged. If not, charge it before attempting to start the mower.
2. Safety KeyMake sure the safety key is securely inserted. If loose or damaged, replace it.
3. Check for ObstructionsInspect the blades and undercarriage for any debris or obstructions that might prevent the mower from starting.
4. Pull Cord InspectionIf your mower has a pull cord, ensure it’s not tangled or damaged. Give it a gentle pull to see if it engages the engine.
5. Consult User ManualRefer to the user manual for specific troubleshooting steps and contact Greenworks customer support if needed.

Maintenance Tips

Regular cleaning and proper storage are key to extending the life of your mower and cleaning the mower after each use prevents debris buildup, while proper storage protects it from the elements. Incorporating these practices into my routine has undoubtedly contributed to the longevity of my Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower.

Can I manually pull-start my Greenworks 80V lawn mower?

Yes, you can manually pull-start your Greenworks 80V lawn mower if it is equipped with a pull cord. Here’s how you can do it:

Manual Pull-Start StepsInstructions
1. Stand on Stable GroundEnsure the mower is on stable ground to prevent accidents.
2. Prime the EngineIf your mower has a primer bulb, press it a few times to supply fuel to the engine.
3. Grab the Pull CordLocate the pull cord and give it a firm but controlled pull. Repeat if necessary until the engine starts.
4. Release the CordOnce the engine is running, allow the pull cord to retract back gently.


Starting your Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower is straightforward when you follow these steps. From understanding the components to troubleshooting common issues, this guide encompasses my firsthand experience with this reliable tool. Regular maintenance and attention to safety ensure that your lawn mower remains a dependable companion in maintaining a pristine lawn. So, gear up, follow these steps, and prepare for a hassle-free mowing experience with your Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower.

  1. Greenworks Official Website:
  2. User Manual:
    • The user manual that comes with the Greenworks 80V Lawn Mower is a valuable resource for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.

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