how to keep chickens out of my yard

19 Best Ways to Keep Chickens out of Garden: A Complete Guide (Infographic)

When chickens are roaming in your yard, they are most likely pecking at your garden. Chickens love to eat delicious vegetables and fruits. They are omnivores so that they can eat plants as well as meat.  They also love to eat bugs, grubs, and worms. This can be annoying if you have a chicken coop in your backyard. One way to keep chickens out of your garden is to fence off the area.

Backyard chickens are fun for the whole family, but they can also be quite a nuisance if you’re raising them in a residential area. If you’ve got a flock in your backyard, keeping them from entering your garden can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are a few simple measures that you can take to prevent your hens from invading your flowerbeds and vegetable patches.

Easy steps to stop chickens from entering your garden

Chickens do have their fair share of benefits, but they tend to destroy your garden. From pooping in different places to making noises, and believe me when I say the smell is intolerable. Chickens also dig holes, move mulch, and make the area all dusty. Overall, it is best to keep them out of your garden.

If you consider keeping chickens, keep in mind that raising chickens is expensive, and handling them may not be as easy as you think. Not to mention the holes they dig and the plants they eat in the garden; neither raising chickens nor keeping them out is an easy task.

How to stop chickens destroying garden:

Spraying Water

One easy way is to spray water at them using a garden hose with low pressure to avoid hurting them. Pouring water isn’t the most reliable method, but then the chickens will avoid going into your garden if you are consistent with it. Water sprinkles with a motion detector are helpful when you are not around.

Herbs: Will chickens eat the herb garden?

There is no way to keep chickens off all of your yard areas that you don’t want them to be. Fortunately, there is another way to keep them out of areas, using herbs that repel chickens. Read on to find out how!

Using herbs is a useful way to repel chickens. Chickens do not like the smell of herbs such as marigold, lavender, and spearmint. Not only do you repel chickens, but you also get useful herbs and scents!

If your chickens go crazy over a certain odor, you can plant herbs near your chicken coop to prevent them from foraging in those areas. They will be useful to you in many different ways, but just one of those is scented geraniums! Some herbs that are toxic to chickens include balm and pennyroyal. You can also grow it inside the coop or in a large pot close to the coop for easy access.

If you strategically surround your garden with these herbs, your chickens will run away in the opposite direction. They probably won’t even waste time looking at the tempting crop on the other side.

Sprinkle spices

Sprinkling spices around your garden will keep chickens out as they do not like the smell of spices. Another advantage is that even if the chicken wanders into your garden, the seasoning will give a burning sensation at the bottom of their feet, which makes them flee; this does not hurt the chicken.

Citrus: Is Citrus toxic to chickens?

If you want to keep your chickens out of your veggie garden, you should try putting Citrus in the ground. Chickens hate the scent of citrus fruits, so they will stay away from any area that isn’t safe for them to be in.

Perhaps your chickens think you’re weird for wanting to eat all of your oranges, or maybe they’re just not that into Citrus. Whatever the reason, you should probably stop eating oranges right away so that you and your chickens can both keep things nice and fun.

We all know chickens hate Citrus, but did you know that orange peels can repel those pesky birds? Try sprinkling them around your garden to keep them away from the vegetables you’ve worked so hard to grow. Try placing citrus peels in strategic locations for maximum effect. You’ll have to apply the solution more than once, as the rain will wash it away.

Essentially, you can use citrus peels (and some other citrus products) to deter pests in your garden. This method may require more frequent applications depending on how common your pest problems are. And be sure to remove those spikes which stick up from the ground if you have a wooded area.

Fencing: how to keep chickens out of the garden using a fence

The best way to keep chickens out of your garden is to use a fence. Chickens can fly over any barrier that you put up. Depending on the type of chicken and the time of year, they could be in your garden as soon as you put the fence up. To stop this from happening, you need to make sure that your fence has a top on it.

Fences are a cost-effective way to keep yard chickens and animals out of your garden. If you have fences bordering your property, then you can stop worrying about animal intruders because there won’t any!

Stop Weeding:

Chickens love to dig. They dig up and work the ground, leading to a lot of unsightly weeds growing. If you want your chooks to lay as much egg as they can, then you need to keep a good eye on the garden at all times, so you can be there to muck up the weeds before they get too big. If you stop weeding in your garden, then the chicken will stop destroying your garden.

Tactical Planting

Planting the flowers or vegetables close to each other will leave the fewer open ground that chickens love; make sure that the gap isn’t big enough for a chicken. If you do not want to plant flowers close to each other, consider covering the ground with landscaping fabric or netting.

Stones or Containers

Place stones that are big enough for chickens to move around the base of the plants. Avoid keeping gaps, and remember, chickens can knock off small rocks, resulting in destroying the plant. You can grow the plants inside containers; heavy containers will be hard enough to be knocked off, so chickens avoid doing so.

To make sure that the chickens do not destroy your vegetable or flower garden, make a place to invite chickens so that they avoid entering your planting space. If you have extra space, use the area to create a garden for chickens; grow plants that chicken like and edible. This decoy will help keep chickens distracted if done correctly.

Shrub Blocks:

The Secret Garden, one of the bestselling books of all time, tells a tale about an oasis in someone’s backyard. Why not make your oasis in your front yard? Adding shrubs and bushes can enhance the garden and create visual interest. It is perfect for any gardening enthusiast who wants to keep chickens out of his flower garden and add to his secrets network.

Bug Deterring Plants

So you want to grow flowers for your chickens, but you worry about bugs ruining the scene. You could plant flowers that actually deter bugs, like lemongrass, citronella, mint, and lavender. Chickens won’t eat these flowers because pests feed on bird larvae. This will reduce your chicken’s need for pesticide hand-offs and your risk of polluting your local ecosystem.

Hanging Plants

A chicken coop is a chore in the fall and wintertime. When the chickens are out of the coop, they usually aren’t in a mood to be cute. If you have limited space, a hanging potted plant is a great solution.

Like a raised bed, a hen house needs something to break up the monotony. To add some color and life to your yard or garden, try filling it with hanging plants. They’re functional, practical, and even pretty. You can also get decorative pots to add an extra layer of beautification to your yard.

Minor Flocks

Tacky culture is a dangerous thing. Keep your flock small in size, and don’t let them roam free. The average group of hens in the suburbs is five. The smaller flock gives you more information and control over their behavior. It’s also easier to keep an eye on them and be sure they don’t go near your flower garden.

Chicken Tractor

A tractor with a tray is a great solution to keep hens in the coop without fencing. As long as you’re moving the tractor around regularly in their field, you can give them some free-range time whenever you can lookout them.

Fake Owl

Keeping Neighbor’s chickens out of your yard is a huge pain. Owls are one of the biggest pests of modern times. They destroy crops and can even eat chicks and eggs in the nest. But chickens have grown to be predators too. Hens are also clever. You require moving it around quite often. It would be best if you positioned it in places wherever they’ll notice, but it seems natural. False owls or Hawk with movement and sound may work as well!

Electric Fences

Yes. Electrical fencing has many advantages. But if the goal is to keep chickens out of your garden, you’ll need a wooden fence — one without any wires. Electric fences are great at creating a “fence-like” barrier between the chicken and vegetable garden, but they aren’t as strong as timber fences. But they won’t always keep them contained. Most of the time, only a chicken’s feathers touch the fence.

Keeping chickens off the porch

Chicken poop is one of the grossest things in your life. Luckily there are ways homeowners can keep their chickens contained to prevent any unwanted messes — for example, propane heaters. Another reason your hens might be relaxing on your porch is simply that it’s a cooler location than where they normally roost and nest in the morning. Trimming back foliage around your yard will give them a little more room to spread out and relax.

Wire Fencing

To prevent chickens from comfortably passing fences, place the wire fences as low as possible. This method helps protect different garden beds and stops mulch from being moved. Place the wire fencing around plants that you want to save.

Flat Stones

Chickens tend to wreak flowers, dig up plants and mulch; stop this from happening, place mulch around your plant’s base, and then create a barrier using flat stones. Remember that the rocks need to be heavy enough so that the chickens can’t knock the rocks off.

Old Blankets

To keep chickens away from digging cultivated garden beds, place old blankets. Chickens like dust baths and these empty lands will provide them with a good dust bath; therefore, you should cover the garden beds.

Few plants that chickens eat and do not eat:

Ornamental plants

Chickens often like ornamental plants such as violets, bee balm, and clover blossoms. You can plant these on the decoy space to avoid chickens entering your planting space.

Spearmint and Peppermint

Chickens hate the smell of some herbs, including spearmint and peppermint. Plant these in your garden to repel the chickens, and avoid planting these in the decoy garden. 

Vegetable and Fruits

Chickens like to eat vegetables like carrots and lettuce. Chickens enjoy fruits like apples, berries, and bananas. Grow these vegetables and fruits in the garden for chickens to attract them.

Citrus Fruits and Flowers

Chickens hate citrus fruits; therefore, spray citrus juice around your planting space to repel chickens. Chickens also do not touch flowers like tulips, daffodils, and dahlias, so these are safe to plant in your garden.

For people who want to keep chickens in a vegetable garden but prevent them from destroying plants and vegetables, here are a few ways you can do this:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What smell do chickens hate?

Most chickens find the scent of many spices and herbs unpleasant. You can use spices and herbs to discourage roosting on your deck or patio. Herbs or annuals that work well are basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, lavender, chives, rose geranium, summer savory, oregano, or pennyroyal.

How long do you’ve to hang on to use chicken poop in the lawn?

After you have finished chicken manure composting, you can use the chicken manure compost. It is ready to use after 12 months of composting, provided you spread it evenly over your garden and avoid adding any foundation or topsoil.

Will chickens destroy my flower garden?

If you do not properly supervise your chickens, they will destroy your garden and your plants. Chickens are insatiable and indiscriminate ground scavengers who love to pluck the tenderest morsels out of your garden. To make sure your precious plants are protected, keep your chicken population under control by valuing them — and making sure that they are well fed — at least until the first spring planting season.

How to keep chickens out of potted plants?

A wall of rocks or metal will prevent the birds from digging up your plants. Netting over a growing area is a good way to block flying debris and decrease the chance people walking by will hit plants with their shoes. Protective garb for gardeners can protect them from live chicken scratches and cuts. Hanging baskets also present an obstacle for the birds.

How tall of a fence to keep chickens out of garden?

Chickens can be kept in a garden or yard as long as you erect a barrier 6 feet or 1.8 meters high. That will keep them safe from predators, the elements, and your curious children. Bantams, like baby chicks, require the same height barrier to prevent predators, the elements, and your curious children from harming them.

What is the best natural chicken repellent?

Use citrus peels. Place the peels around your garden or at the place of plants; spraying citrus juices will increase the repellent’s effectiveness. However, the rain will wash away the fluids, so you might have to check on them every day.

How long should you keep chickens in the coop before free-range?

It would help if you kept the chickens locked up for about a week before free-range. Chickens will return home on their own to eat and drink. Surprisingly, chickens do not run away; they do not go too far from the coop and return at night for roosting.

How to keep chickens out of your garden when you free range?

If you want the chickens to have more space for free-range, make non-permanent plant cages to protect the chickens’ plants. You can use chicken wire to create the barrier, and the enclosures will ensure your plants’ safety. You can divide your garden into multiple areas and put up fences to ensure that they stay in one place.

How to keep chickens from separating mulch?

The best way to stop chickens from separating mulch is by netting. You can place the net over the garden bed, and this method is enough to keep chickens from digging and scattering the mulch; consider placing landscape fabric that is water permeable below the mulch.

What is the best fence to keep chickens out of my garden?

Chicken wire is the best fence option to keep chickens in one place or out of your garden. The wire is inexpensive, you will not face difficulty finding it, and the installment is straightforward. The wire fence also helps keep rabbits out of your garden.

Final Words

It is a continuous battle to keep chickens out of your garden, and sometimes it may stress you out. The best way to repel chickens is to add two ways together, such as making a decoy garden plus spraying citrus juice around your garden; this method helps distract the chickens and repel them from your planting space. We hope this article was helpful, and let us know which way worked best for you.

The first thing to consider is why your hens are entering your garden in the first place. Chickens are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They naturally forage for food, looking for insects, worms, and other small animals to eat. If your garden is overgrown or neglected, chickens may see it as a good place to look for food.

There are so many great ideas to keep chickens out of gardens. And there are so many options for fending off chickens. What did you do that wasn’t here? If you have any valuable tips for keeping pesky chickens out, please submit them!

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