Gardening Apron is a gardening protector that protects your clothes and skin from stains and dirt. In addition, the best gardening apron will help you carry all the necessary tools for gardening at once.

What is a gardening apron for? Why do you need an apron at all? There are tons of questions about what an apron is good for, so we decided to answer them in our article. In the end, we collected the top 10 best gardening aprons on the market and compared their pros and cons.

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What is a Gardening Apron?

A gardening apron is a piece of clothing worn as a protective garment covering your clothes’ front and is tied at the back. It is typically made of cotton or nylon with an elastic waistband and pockets to hold tools, seeds, or small plants.

History and Statistics of best gardening aprons

  1. Aprons have been around for over 5000 years and have been used as the most effective way to avoid stains and spills.
  2. The statistics of wearing a garden apron have changed significantly over the past two decades. A recent study of 100,000 people in the USA found that over 75% have never worn a garden apron, while over 80% never gardening on a patio.
  3. According to Statista, the global market for gardening aprons is expected to achieve a value of $5.3 billion by 2022, representing a compound annual growth rate of 2.8%. 

Roo Gardening Apron Review

When you think of gardening, chances are the last thing on your mind is fashion. After all, when you’re surrounded by dirt and bugs, a cute, trendy outfit just doesn’t seem appropriate. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear boring clothes when working in your garden. Roo Garden Apron is a fashion-forward solution for the season.

Roo Garden Apron

roo apron reviews

Kangaroo Garden Apron

  • Perfect Garden Tool
  • Industrial strength cotton
  • Self-adjusting straps
  • Water-resistant nylon storage pouch

Main Features of Kangaroo Garden Apron

Kangaroo Garden Apron

By feature

Perfect Garden Tool

You will feel that you just found the perfect gardening tool. It’s the Roo Gardening Apron and it is one of the top gardening aprons. The apron is great for picking dirty fruits and vegetables on your trip to the farm this weekend. This Apron features the water-resistant nylon fabric large pockets. You can use it to carry over a dozen transplants, harvest your garden, and carry your phone and other tools. This wonderful gardening apron folds up nicely and has large pockets for gardening essentials to make your hands free. We are not sure that you can’t even garden without it!

Comfortable Design

This ROO waist apron is a simple, practical, and stylish solution for the outdoorsman. Comes with durable material, it fits comfortably on any shoulder and provides all-day comfort. This apron has adjustable straps, You can adjust the padded shoulder straps to fit any size needed. Most gardening aprons have shoulder straps but not all are padded. The unique design includes a cylinder chute to help you store your harvest without making a mess. It also has an inside waterproof lining in case of rain or dew. You can’t stop yourself from loving it.


  • Practical and stylish design
  • Adjustable straps fit any size
  • Perfect to support for harvesting vegetables
  • Easily machine Washable


  • Price is not reasonable for all
  • Not suitable for heavy-weight veggies

Oxford Home Garden Waterproof Apron Review

If you are in the market looking for one of the top-rated waterproof gardening aprons, then you’ve come to the right place. Oxford Home Garden has some of the best waterproof aprons on the market today. Oxford Garden home apron is an excellent tool for anyone who loves to work in their garden.

Oxford Cloth Garden Apron

best garden apron for women

Home Garden Waterproof Apron with Tool Pockets

  • High-quality Oxford cloth
  • Safety Wear-Resistant Material
  • Unique shoulder strap design
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Flexible adjustment of apron size

Whether you’re planting flowers or weeding, this apron will keep you safe and clean. If you’re looking for a tool belt that can hold all of your gardening tools, then we strongly recommend reading our review below.

Main Features of Oxford Cloth Heavy Duty Apron

Waterproof Feature

The Oxford Home Garden six pockets waterproof apron is a quality home garden tool belt with a lot of storage space for a variety of tools and accessories.

This Oxford gardening apron comes with durable and breathable 600D Oxford cloth. It features reinforced edges and pockets that make it more versatile than other aprons. Unlike other normal fabric aprons, this one also has a plastic layer that makes it even sturdier. You can wash it easily in your washing machine.

Design and Sturdiness

Whether you are a professional chef or Fancy gardener at home for your family, wearing high-quality garden implements and an apron is necessary. The design and sturdiness of this Oxford Home Garden apron is great.

This product is specifically designed for the gardener who carries around a lot of tools while they work in the garden. This garden apron is comfortable to wear. The Unique apron design and adjustable waist and shoulder-padded straps come in sizes from 28-52inch. This means a variety of body types can enjoy the benefits of this apron.


  • Multiple pockets accommodate multiple tools
  • Cloth fabric is breathable and durable
  • Perfect for heavy load-bearing
  • Also suitable for mechanics, machinists, artists, chefs
  • Reasonable price for all


  • The synthetic fabric smell bad
  • Minimal chest coverage is not comfortable for all

Losofar Girls Vintage Gardening Apron Review

If you are a girl in her twenties or thirties who wants a cute and functional apron that fits your style interests, then you’re going to want to check out the Girls Vintage Gardening Apron. This lady’s gardening apron with pockets is one of the adorable aprons from our best gardening apron list.

Vintage Gardening Apron

vintage aprons for women

Vintage Aprons for Women

  • Convenience and Comfortable
  • Cotton and linen blended pleated apron
  • Long waist straps
  • Perfect for slim body
  • Perfect for slim body

You have to be prepared for your gardening tools to get dirty and for your clothes to get messy. That’s why it is smart to shop for clothes and gardening gloves that you can wear while gardening. Losofar girls’ vintage gardening apron is the best harvesting apron for women.

Main Features of Losofar Vintage Style Apron

Comfortable Fabric

The garden apron comes with 80% cotton and 20% linen fabrics. The stitching seemed very high quality, and the fabric felt good. A really cool feature is the cross-back Straps, which are convenient and comfortable. The cross-back straps come with an adjustable belt.

Design and Size

The Losofar garden apron has cross-back straps. The suspender skirt style Apron comes with two large size pockets. Pockets are useful for holding fruits and other essentials. Two sizes are available for you. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for an apron that offers both style and function. You can choose the size and color according to your preference.


  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Suitable for slim body women
  • Suitable for all-purpose work
  • Reasonable price than other garden aprons


  • Not Suits for weight more than 70KG
  • The color of the apron fades after one or two-time wash

BOJECHER Gardening Apron with 14 Pockets

The BOJECHER Gardening Apron is ideal for men and women who want to protect their clothes while gardening. It is complete with 100% cotton fabric. This can cover the upper body and keep you dry and clean when you are working in the garden.

BOJECHER Garden Apron for Men and Women

garden aprons with pockets

Gardening Tool Work Aprons

  • Durable 600D Oxford cloth
  • 14 handy pockets
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Water-resistant Apron
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

This model has a large pocket at the front where you can keep your tools such as scissors, pruning shears, seed packets, etc. This professional gardener’s apron also has some smaller pockets to keep important things. The BOJECHER Gardening Apron for Men Women Review will help you select the best apron for your needs.

Main Features of BOJECHER Garden Apron

Multipurpose Usability

Everyone knows to be prepared when working in the garden, but it’s also important to do your chores! So whether you’re fixing a broken faucet, putting up a picture or a mirror, or changing a light bulb, this BOJECHER apron is the perfect tool for you. It has all the tools you need so you can work on your own without bothering others.

This garden tool apron is great for many things. You can use this gardening apron for gardening, cooking, carpentry, welding, lawn care, home repairs, and so on. It gives the user extra space to store items they need in their home and around the yard.

Adjustable Design

This suitable gardening tool apron is designed to help professionals carry more tools, and comes with reinforced stitching. It has straps and buckles that can adjust for a range of sizes and can be tight or loose to fit any preference. The straps are all 28 inches long, and the height of the apron will be adjustable by tightening or loosening the straps.

This 600D Oxford cloth is waterproof and wear-resistant, so it can’t be scratched by heavy or sharp tools. The edges are reinforced to prevent any tearing or rupture.

This apron is really useful. It’s got 14 pockets of various sizes to hold all sorts of tools and keep your hands free. It even has a special one for a vacuum brush.


  • Adjustable waist straps design
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Many pockets to hold your tools and other essentials
  • Easily machine washable


  • Not cover the full body
  • Too heavy to work with
  • Product has some additional cost

Typhon East Gardening Apron with deep pockets

Typhon East Garden Apron is built with the heaviest duty strength and materials. It is very strong and has a lot of pockets to carry items that you may need when gardening. The sewing and fabric on the seams is done very well and are completely waterproof from the spray of your garden hose.

Great Gardener Gift Idea for Women and Men

Typhon East Gardening Apron

Garden Apron With Pockets

  • Comes with a pair of soft foam kneeling pads
  • 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee
  • Adjustable straps closure
  • Deeper and zippered pockets
  • Water-resistant fabric and strong stitching

Main Features Typhon East Gardening Apron

Gardening tools can make your gardening experience more comfortable. Here at Home Gardening Ideas, we’ve decided to review and test the Typhon East gardening apron.

Durable and High Quality Material

If you are looking for a gardening apron, make sure to find one that is completely out of heavy-duty material and will withstand all of your gardening activity. You want it to be water-resistant and have strong stitching that can withstand unraveling.

Get a gardening apron with sturdy construction that will keep coming back to see you through planting to harvesting and more. Keep in mind before choosing this garden tool apron is that it is not a full apron type gardening apron.

Useful Design

Gardening aprons should come with lots of small and large pockets. The more pockets, the better! These gardening aprons have 6, so that you can easily hold all of your tools. Plus, the five pockets are much deeper than most, so they can hold even more varieties of tools. There’s a zippered pocket at the top too for conveniently storing tools like your phone.

A buckle strap on this apron and pad set will fit everyone. The apron and pads come in dirt-masking colors and are a great gift for the green thumb in your life. You can wash your favorite gardening apron in your washing machine.


  • Comes with six enough pockets and pockets are deep
  • Comfortably fit with varying sizes for both men and women
  • Nylon mixed fabric of the apron is very durable
  • The price range is affordable than other aprons


  • Not provide full-body coverage
  • Sometimes defective item will deliver

Apron Styles

There are two main styles of gardening aprons: utility and apron dress. Utility aprons are best for those who need to carry tools with them during their work. On the other hand, Apron dresses are best for those who want their aprons to cover a larger area of their bodies. Make sure to pick whichever is right for you!

You will find two different types of aprons that are made for gardening. One type is the full garden apron, which is the bib apron. The other type is the half garden apron.

Full Garden Apron

Protecting your clothes from spills and dirt isn’t the only reason to invest in an apron. A full or bib style apron is not only a great clothes protector but can also be used as a barrier against cold and heat during gardening activities.

It’s harder to wear an apron when it covers more of your body. You might also feel really hot since it covers your neck and shoulders. In addition, the neck-straps can be tight or too loose, which can make them uncomfortable.

Half Garden Apron

The half apron is a neat solution for those who don’t wear the full apron because it covers your face. It also has many pockets to hold your tools for gardening. The waist garden apron is perfect for warmer weather as it will keep you cooler.

Half gardening aprons offer less protection for your clothes, but they are still a popular option. Some people like them because they feel like they are more in touch with the earth and don’t have to worry about the dirtiness of their clothing. Other people prefer full aprons because they are more protective.

A Complete Buying Guide: Best Gardening Apron

If you’re a gardener, the last thing you want is to get dirt and mud on your clothes. Having an apron helps keep your clothes clean and keeps you safe from many of the dangers that lurk in the garden. Unfortunately, gardening aprons come in all kinds of styles, colors, and sizes, so it can be tough to shop for one.

When it comes to gardening, we’re all about making life easier. That is why we created a ‘garden apron’ guide which includes an extensive review of the best gardening aprons available for sale. If you’re looking for the right pair of gardening gloves or the best garden tools, this guide will help you buy the perfect products at the best possible prices.

Durability of Aprons

The quality and durability of aprons are essential considerations for all gardeners. So when you’re looking for the perfect gardening apron, be on the lookout for sturdy stitching, hardwearing fabric, and durable clasps. Also, check for pockets, waist straps, and shoulder straps or ties.

Quality Material 

Don’t just pick any apron for your greenhouse workers. The material of your apron can make all the difference. Look for thick and strong materials like cotton, waxed canvas, denim, and pure leather. These materials will be durable enough to handle dirt, gardening tools, and the weight of any tools or plants you might be carrying.

Your new aprons should have a thickness that will allow you to carry sharp tools and shears without tearing through the material.

Number of deep and small pockets

One of the most important things to have when you’re gardening is a well-organized apron. A good apron should have plenty of deep pockets, which will allow you to store your mobile phone, gardening tools, and even harvest fruits and vegetables. To keep your harvested fruits fresh, deep pockets are really essential.

The gardening apron is not just for cleanliness. It’s also a part to carry your gardening small and large tools. Deep pockets are necessary because you might need to carry all your tools at once. So choose your apron wisely, and make sure you choose one with plenty of pockets so you can keep all of your tools close by.

Adjustable Size

The apron you wear has to fit not only your clothes but also your body type. In most cases, this type of apron can be adjusted so it will better suit your body. Make sure it is adjustable in all the right places so that the apron will be more comfortable and better-fitting.

Adjustable straps are more comfortable and fit more people. A frequently overlooked strap is the one that wraps around your waist aprons. Many aprons have one size and don’t fit smaller people. But aprons with gardening belts will adjust to people of different sizes people. Double sewn aprons are desirable for most people.

Easy To Clean

When you take off your apron, it is likely going to be dirty. To remove the dirt and stains from the material, you will need to find an option for washing that can be reused. The best options are nylon, polyethylene, or polyester.

Here are some options: machine wash, reuse it, or scrub it with a brush. You can also get a reusable one and just hand-wash it.

FAQs on Best Gardening Aprons

Gardening Apron will help you to do your gardening chores in a better way. When you’re an avid gardener, a good gardening apron is a must-have. When buying one, it’s important to make the right decision because they come in various shapes and sizes.

With a perfect apron, you can keep all your gardening needs and tools handy throughout your gardening chores. Let’s see if we can help by answering FAQs about the Gardening Apron.

How to wear a gardening apron?

Put on a gardening apron, but make sure to do it correctly. There are a few steps to putting on a gardening apron.

The first step is to put it on correctly so that the front surface covers the front of the body.

Next, you should tie the waist drawstrings behind you and tug on the knot to ensure it fits.

Lastly, pull up on the apron to make sure it’s still snug and all the way up past your waist.

If you’re thinking about starting to sew your own aprons, you might be wondering what size apron you need? The answer really depends on the type of apron you want to make. For example, if you’re going to make a bib-type apron, you will need around 1 and ¾ yards of fabric.

How much fabric is needed to make an apron?

To make an apron, you will need the following: A piece of fabric that is about 3 by 5 feet, 1 by 3 yards of material for the ties, and another bit for the pocket. I made these for an adult’s apron, but you can make them for kids too if you want.

It is always better for you to have some extra fabric. That will allow you to adjust the size if needed. The apron pattern and its design will also affect the size of the apron.

What is the best material for an apron?

Aprons can be made out of all sorts of materials. The best fabric for an apron will depend on your personal preferences and the function you want your apron to serve. 

To prevent stains in the garden, cotton is usually the best option. It’s lighter in weight, a bit comfortable, and can handle a little gardening mess. However, if looking for a water-resistance opportunity, pure leather, waxed cotton, or linen are the best choice for you. Looking for a long-lasting apron? Denim may be your go-to. This will be the perfect gift for your dearest ones.

How long does it take to make a plain apron?

If you have a sewing machine and basic knowledge of its functions, making a garden apron takes about 2 hours.

How to tie a gardening apron

Put your favorite apron on so that it’s touching your collarbone. But, again, be mindful that it should not restrict your movement. 

  • Put the apron on so that the top is 4-5 inches below your collarbone and covers most of what you are wearing.
  • Pull the ties behind you, and tie them together at the back, making sure not to let them slip.

Final Words:

Gardening Apron is a garden tool that will make your gardening work more accessible and more comfortable. It is an essential tool for everyone who is into gardening. In addition, the gardening apron will have many pockets to keep gardening tools organized, such as shovels, clippers, trowels, etc.

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. If you’re looking to improve your gardening experience by staying clean and organized, consider buying a gardening apron. This article reviews 10 popular types of aprons and will help you make the best choice for your needs.